OpenEarable is a new, open-source, Arduino-based platform for ear-based sensing applications.It supports a series of sensors and actuators: a 9-axis inertial measurement unit, an ear canal pressure and temperature sensor, an inward facing ultrasound microphone as well as a speaker, a push button, and a controllable LED. We demonstrate the versatility of the prototyping platform through a series of example application scenarios. As such, OpenEarable offers a general-purpose, open sensing platform for earable research and development.

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Variety of different sensors
The sensor inside OpenEarable give rise to many applications ranging from health to authentication and identification.
Open source and extensible
Everyone can change and adapt the platform to their needs. Custom earpieces can be attached via a standard connector.
Portable and flexible
OpenEarable fits many different ear sizes and can be used comfortably for studies in the lab or on the go.
edge-ml compatible
Easily record, manage and process sensor data. Train machine learning models optimized to run on embedded.